Nodle is a fast-growing software company that is creating an ecosystem for IoT devices.

We collaborated with their founders to bring together all the products under their belt and increase engagement from app developers and IoT manufacturers.

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Nodle Website

A Revolutionary Ecosystem

Nodle is an IoT software company that has a diverse number of products under their belt, including a new IoT network, and a cryptocurrency-based incentive system to increase the number of IoT gateways. We collaborated with them to make it easier for multiple audiences to understand their offerings, by recreating their website through content strategy and design.

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Refining the Message

In an industry with a lot of jargon, one challenge was to figure out how to be approachable to a general audience, and speak to IoT experts at the same time. Through research and interviews, we sought to identify their overarching vision: to connect all mobile and IoT devices around the world, in order to lower the cost and environmental impact of IoT.

Designing for Clarity and Ambition

In order to achieve the goal of clarity, we reflected this new messaging with clear segmentation and information hierarchy through design. This required us to overcome another challenge, which was to reflect the ambition and futurism of Nodle's vision, while ensuring a smooth transition from the previous design language. We kept the logo and colour scheme, while integrating some new base colours used futuristic elements, such as a 3D modeled Earth image, and animated explanations for how the IoT network works.

Responsive website

An Exciting Future

This custom-built business development tool will help Nodle partner with IoT manufacturers who are looking for a low cost and low energy network solution, and gain the attention of app developers who are interested in monetising their apps without ads or compromising their users' data. As Nodle speeds through to their next stage of growth, they're bound to make their mark in the IoT space.


  • Static web
  • Responsive web UI/UX
  • Content strategy


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